Intersolar Europe opens with a bang IBC product Andromeda attracts international market attention

On May 11, Intersolar Europe 2022 opened in Munich, Germany at the Messe München. As the world's only PV company with mass production of bifacial IBC products, SPIC solar, with its latest Andromeda series of various IBC modules, focused the attention of many exhibitors and attracted the warm attention of the European market.

SPIC solar 00 booth 01.jpg

At the Intersolar Europe exhibition, SPIC solar debuted a new generation of Andromeda glass-backsheet, double glass bifacial, BIPV and VIPV series of IBC modules to meet the needs of different scenarios. IBC products are widely favored by the market for their high efficiency, low temperature coefficient, low life-cycle degradation, low hot spot temperature, low light response, high power generation gain, good product reliability and elegant appearance. At present, the company has an average mass production efficiency of 24.2% for cells and 22.1% for modules, which is the highest efficiency of mass production IBC cells and modules in China and the second highest IBC in the world.

SPIC solar 66 White 440W 22.4%.jpg

As the first PV company in China to layout n-type IBC products and achieve mass production, SPIC solar has been deeply involved in IBC technology for many years, and compared with other companies' IBC products, the company is based on the background of large-scale application of PV products, using a low-cost, high-efficiency industrialization process route, and its products have more cost-effective advantages; and with its deeply cultivated technology The company has been widely recognized by customers for its technological strengths, high quality and reliable products and services.

Chris GUO, CTO, said, "Intersolar Europe is the most influential professional exhibition for solar energy in Europe, and SPIC solar's Andromeda series of IBC products received such a high level of attention from the market at its first exhibition, thanks to our pursuit of high quality in the technical development and production of IBC products. This is due to our pursuit of high quality in the technical development and production process of IBC products, and it strengthens our confidence to continue to further research our products and create an n-type future."